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If you need a punctual, professional home inspector who will carefully examine a home that you're interested in purchasing, JFS Inspections is here for you. We work with clients throughout Cary, NC, and we can use our expertise in a variety of matters related to home construction. We'll help you determine whether a property is a good value. We offer high-quality work and promptly complete our inspections.


Since it's in our best interests to be straightforward and honest with our clients, you can be sure that the information we share with you is unbiased and based on direct observation. We want to make sure people know what they're getting into as they purchase a home, and we work hard to present our findings in a manner that's easy to understand.

Contact JFS Inspections to learn more about our services or to schedule your appointment with a home inspector. We're pleased to help numerous people in Cary, and we look forward to working with you.

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Jimmy Stewart  - Owner
Jimmy Stewart - Owner